The crank-a-watt Presto Wind hand crank generator is being circulated throughout the prepper community as an emergency power generating device that can save ones life.If it being advertise at 400 plus watt output and is an outright fraud.

A few of the member of our community have bought these things only to find disappointment when they actually went to use the product. All of the videos shown for the product show the power being drawn off of the battery which is very deceiving. In reality it take forever and a day to get any power out of this thing.

The product is advertised at a power output rate that is physically impossible.

Moreover when you try to contact this "company" Tim is rude and a complete ***.He is plenty nice until he had your money but when you call him on his lies and deceptive practices he is a rude and unethical hot head.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #882375

Perhaps I've missed something, but the power that's being drawn from the system is coming from a power inverter, connected to a battery, which is charged by either the hand crank or by a bike. Having used a power inverter, I know that sufficient power can be provided by a battery, or bank of batteries, if they are large enough and fully charged to run any appliance you want -if the batteries and inverter are of a high enough capacity, I had a 2KW inverter in my 18 wheeler and ran a fridge and 1k watt microwave a TV w/VCR and a satelitte receiver. What I do not pretend to know is how much effort it takes to charge a battery via this method.


IMO, the Presto crank-a-watt generator with 400 watt inverter is an excellent value for the price. I know: I own one. In addition, I have called Tim many times to ask questions and I have never had any issues with him whatsoever.

Boise, Idaho, United States #742582

It is amazing the lengths some companies go to to try and hide their poor business practices. For christ sakes the guy put a generator in a toolbox and states it is the worlds first self contained power unit. That is laughable.....what a POS


I guess he thinks that if you place cranks on it some power might come out. I watched his video and must say when I saw the *** using a lawn battery to power a blender without showing any power production first a laughed at him then cried for him. :cry

Los Angeles, California, United States #710741

i would tell Tim to go crank a *** ,)

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #708286

Here is a link that shows some Tour de France rider output powers.

These are the top atheletes in the world and they are using their legs, not smaller arm muscles.

The charts show powers like 422 watts for a 10 minute climb and 342 watts for a 49 minute climb.

I suspect that normal athletes would do well to put out half of those power levels.

I would be very suspicious of a company that sells a 750 watt hand crank.

to Terry #824979

It's June 2014 as I write this and really wish I had seen this deception when it was first released so as to have had time to warn people that their math doesn't work.

What a disgrace. Any prepper attorneys out there??

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #706510

Good review.

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